We here at Stevens Creek Subaru know that drivers all over the greater San Jose, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale areas drive to the best of their ability but, sometimes, we all slip up. Whether you spent a little extra time looking at your touchscreen infotainment system, you were distracted by your phone buzzing, or you just didn’t check your blind spot as well as you should have, we're all prone to making small mistakes. So, to keep ourselves out of harm's way even more thoroughly this year, we've made a list of Safer Driving Resolutions for 2017. Maybe you'll see a few you like and add it to your list as well.

Before We Drive Away:

  • Make sure we're not tired
  • Do a quick tire check to make sure they're inflated
  • Ensure any child car seats are properly locked in place
  • Always put on our seatbelt

While We're Driving:

  • Phone conversations can wait until we're at our destination
  • Same goes for texting
  • No more eating behind the wheel
  • If we want to change the music, we'll either wait until red lights or put our passengers in charge

Staying in Control:

  • Follow the speed limit for safety and for fuel economy
  • Always check our blind spots, whether we have Blind Spot Monitoring or not
  • Always use our blinkers, whether turning onto a new road, pulling out of a parking spot, or changing lanes
  • Stay calm! Road rage won't make traffic jams disappear

As we get closer to 2017, we'll be sure to start putting our resolutions to the test! If you're interested in seeing what our current selection of new Subaru models have to offer, come on down to Stevens Creek Subaru today and we'll give you a tour you'll remember for weeks to come.

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