Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Help Us Spread the Word

The team here at Stevens Creek Subaru is invested in spreading the word, and you should be, too! This month marks Breast Cancer Awareness, and we want to encourage you to speak up and take some action! Whether you've personally been diagnosed, or you know someone who has been affected, you know the journey that breast cancer takes you on is often long and strenuous. Stand by the women and men in your life (and community) who are on their journey, and spread the word with us. Share your story, send a donation, volunteer…whatever you can do to help remind others that they are not alone in their journey!

Even if you've never felt the impacts of a breast cancer diagnosis, we encourage you to get involved by educating yourself. Learn about what breast cancer actually is (in the genetic sense), discover the steps to early detection, and pass along what you learn to your loved ones!

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