Stevens Creek Subaru Presents a Used Car Buying Program in San Jose, CA

Ready to sell a vehicle and surveying the marketplace to determine your options? Here at Stevens Creek Subaru, we buy used vehicles from our customers even if you don't currently plan on making your next new Subaru or pre-owned purchase from our dealership!

We cover the program features, how you can receive an offer in San Jose, and the items you'll need to confirm this transaction below.

Program Overview

Zero Obligations

When we buy your used car, you can look forward to the peace of mind that comes with knowing this experience has zero obligation to buy another vehicle and absolutely no strings attached.

Complimentary Appraisals

That reassuring realization, paired with the fact we offer complimentary appraisals to determine a fair market worth for your daily driver, makes this program an easy choice for used car selling consideration.

Same Day Cash Offer

With this appraisal process complete, we can offer cash on the spot to finish the process on your behalf!

Steps to Receive an Offer

To receive your offer, stop over to our dealership in your vehicle for necessary appraisal steps. Our expert car buyers, featuring years of experience offering industry-reflective appraisals, will move ahead with analyzing your vehicle's current condition and market worth. From here, an offer is presented for you to weigh and consider on your own terms.

What you Should Bring

If you wish to sell your used car to Stevens Creek Subaru, bring a title or pay-off information with you to an upcoming appraisal appointment. You'll also need your current registration, driver's license, all available keys, and applicable accessories. Also ensure that the owner's manual is available within the vehicle to access.

  • Vehicle title or pay-off details
  • Current, valid registration and driver's license
  • All available keys, factory accessories and manuals

Contact us with Questions Today

Learn more about our Used Car Buying Program in San Jose and review whatever is on your mind by reaching out directly to our team during regular business hours! We look forward to working with you.

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